Art print edition

Design and layout
We designed this limited edition print for SOS International who wanted something special to give 15 of their top doctors
6 colour Risograph print


An organisation’s brand is its personality. It’s how we stand out in a crowded field. It’s all the things people associate with us after any kind of contact, however brief. The visual identity helps people understand what an organisation does and how they might be of use to them. It helps them remember and it makes all the difference as to whether or not people are prepared to listen to what the organisation has to say.


TAMU - Træningsskolens Arbejdsmarkedsuddannelser

TAMU runs six production schools in Denmark and trains peers in their pedagogical practices. They were implementing new standards and values for the organisation, but were unsure how to mirror that in their visual expression. We did a brand audit and, in close collaboration with TAMU, continued to do a whole new visual identity for them.

The corner stone of the transition was a designmanual with guidelines on everything from logo to print-sizes. Along with that we delivered an organised system of user-ready files, digital designs as well as templates to allow a self sustained future production of materials.

Below you can find samples of our work for TAMU.


≡ A new logo-family based on existing logo colours and shapes
≡ Typography guidelines
≡ Colour palette and guidelines
≡ A new versatile graphic element
≡ Art direction and guidelines for use of photography


≡ 20 new pictograms of buildings and educations
≡ Stationary and corresponding Word templates
≡ Businesscards, email signatures, etc.
≡ PowerPoint templates
≡ Internal newsletter InDesign template
≡ MailChimp newsletter template


≡ Four different brochures with InDesign templates
≡ An internal manual with InDesign templates
≡ Guidelines for formats, paper and production methods


≡ Redesign of the website based on existing back end
≡ Design of a new brand mark for the TAMU products
≡ Various adds, flyers and stickers